vrijdag 1 november 2013

FOF: Puffy and Kreadoe 2013

It's late... I enjoyed a lovely day at the Kreadoe fair. This is the BIGGEST craft fair in the Netherlands. I had so much fun.

It is almost eleven o'clock here already, I still wanted to show you this quickly!

I made Puffy yesterday... And he went along today.
On his project page you find the pattern, and there are more pictures of him, his day and mine!

But I had to share my great treasures of today:

And my happy grandma, who tagged along with me today!

Seriously, I had a fantastic day!
Hope to see you back here on Monday, for the next Meow Monday. Tami's Amis has a big collection of links already, this late at night ;)

PS. I apologize, but there is not Dutch translation today... I have been busy enough today :)

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