maandag 18 november 2013

MM: Christmas here yet?

Hi everyone... It is time already for Meow Monday again. I nearly forgot!

But say, we can't start our week without some cuteness, right? As a reward for surviving Monday! ;)

I was thinking, you already met Poes and Muffin, but you never met my first cat, even though you will probably only see him once:

This big, white monter is our first cat. Teigertje... No, when you are not Dutch or a native speaker you can't pronounce this properly ;)
This giant never hurt a fly (it did catch birds, for that matter), really the most layed back cat you'll ever meet...
Unfortunately Teigje passed away some time ago already, but still he looks nice and cute on pics! ;)

This cat was the buddy of our other pet, although I am not quite sure whether or not she will appreciate that I put her on a cat-themed page, but she just fits right in ;)

See... Same hat! :P I think almost every animal gets cute wearing Santa's hat.

So, then let's keep the patterns in a similar theme, right?

Alright, no hat... But stil cute. And on time to start now and finish to hang a cat in the christmas tree later!

And I could not help but add this one:

I keep putting this one off, but I have been wanting to make a cat christmas tree for a while now... It just keeps up its hopeful place on my to-do-list...

I hope to see you back on WIPW or FOF!

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