woensdag 12 februari 2014

WIPW: Ravellenics 1

The Olympics have started... And so have the Ravellenics! :D Let's move on and see what that means...

I am participating in the Ravellenics on Ravelry for the first time this year.
The idea is to challenge yourself, and set some yarn-y achievement during the Olympics... Crochet (and other crafts) is a perfect thing to do while watching the Games, right?

My goal this year is to complete as much of my 5! commissioned projects as possible...
You can find all of my planned projects here. It is a crazy amount of work, that I will never be able to finish in two weeks... But I will give it a try. Everything that does get finished is welcome!

I am planning on making two Spyros and at least three My Little Ponies... My progress is not yet impressive:

I finished three pony heads... They look rather creepy at the moment, but I had to improvise the eyes. As I absolutely don't like to use felt (it doesn't like me, so it never works!), so I came up with this:

A magic eye and some crochet... It will turn out rather nice, I think and is a good substitute.

I hope to see you back on Friday... Of course I won't have these ready, but the reason why I haven't made any more progress is that I have finished three other projects! So... Come back to check them out.

Tami's Amis is as always linking up WIPW.

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