vrijdag 7 maart 2014

FOF: Ravellenics 2

Hi everyone! As I didn't write a FOFriday post last week, this technically still is my FO post from the Ravellenics... So let's see what I did get done...

I immediately have to admit: I might have started these during the Ravellenics, but finished them after the closing ceremonies... 

I was close to finishing them, but Sunday night is my travel night, so half way through the closing ceremonies I had to stop sewing up ponies... And thus, they did not get finished... They ended the Olympics like this:

But now they are ready, and here to show you:

Did they not turn out lovely? I have still two in the works of course, but these did get finished and are off to their new owners:

For three projects that I did manage to finish, I got medals!
For these two:

And this one:
For Nelson!
My own Ravellenics Mascotte!

You will see my other ponies come by in the coming week(s?), as they should get finished soon!

And then I have a last project to share... It is finished, but I am still contemplating over an idea that's in my head... If I ever get to do it, you will see this one again. But for now:
A little Rainbow Whale, called Walvis... Which is simply 'whale' in Dutch ;)

Tami's Amis should come with a linking post today, so check that out and then I will be back on Sunday.

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