vrijdag 27 maart 2015

FOF: Blogging 'Spring Break'

Hi everyone! Missed my blogposts? I know I did... Because I simply had nothing to show you! I have been crocheting what feels like no-stop, but not much finished... But today I am doing a little catch-up!

I have not finished anything, because I am hard at work on a blanket... And I have not made it near the finish yet!

Other crafters might know the feeling: some times you just have to finish something in-between to keep going on those bigger projects! So I did. I did quite some projects, actually. Just some quick stitching.

I made another from an old and familiar pattern: Cliff the Brontosaurus.
Love dinosaurs! So I made plenty of these, but I especially like this one... The yarn is just over-the-moon awesome! It is Premier Yarns Everyday Soft Worsted Prints. And now some of you in the US might go: what's so special about it? Well, it is not available here, but it is great yarn! I wish I could get it here... I wouldn't stitch with anything any longer! ;)

My other project is also an old familiar one:

Some more little Daffodils! I love this pattern, because it is truly fast... I can stitch one up in less then an hour. And they are soooo cute, without failure! With eyes, without... The perfect little spring-bringing flowers.

Now I will retreat back into my Blogging 'Spring Break'. I have three projects truly in the works, but have to keep them from you, until a few birthdays have passed ;)
Will see you back soon!

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  1. I LOVE Premier Everyday Soft Worsted :) It was one of the first yarns I totally loved when I learned to knit - I even made a sweater out of it. I still prefer to use it over Vanna's Choice and all the other popular ones in the US, but up until this year they only make ESW in about 12 colors. They are branching out though, so I've grabbed some really fun colors on sale recently. I'm making an animal out of it now in Shamrock. Love it!