vrijdag 27 februari 2015

FOF: Chameleon

Hi everyone! I didn't get some things finished, that I thought I would... But I did of course finish my chameleon...

woensdag 25 februari 2015

WIPW: Stripes...

Hi everyone! I have a lovely crafty week, so also some lovely things to show!
And it so happens to be: they all share in one of my favorite things in crochet... Stripes!

vrijdag 20 februari 2015

zaterdag 14 februari 2015

FOF: Some Rainbow-y things

Hi everyone! Friday came and went, but I decided not to let you start your weekend without some rainbow-y goodness...

woensdag 11 februari 2015

WIPW: Rainbow

Hi everyone! Welcome back to WIPWednesday! Live is running me over, so I might (like last week) not always be able to post as regularly as I would like. But I will show off my stuff as often as I can, for sure!