woensdag 27 februari 2013

WIPW: Cars

Hi everyone.

This Wednesday, I do not have very much to show you. I am hard at work with my nephews' birthday presents...

I finished an airplane to go along with the helicopter, so as it is already finished, you will see it on Friday.

Right now, I am working on two more cars to complement the one I had already finished.

As you see, they only need wheels... So I will probably finish them today.

I am hoping for sunny weather before Friday, so I can make nice photographs of the finished projects.

And well, that was all for this week...
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vrijdag 22 februari 2013

FO: A whole lot

Hi everyone!

I was surprised when I looked into what I was going to show you today for FOFriday...
I have got quite a few things finished this week...

So let's move on.

To start, I show you Gigi Giraffe, pattern by Marike van Loo. I have started this one in August already! And finally it is finished!

Isn't she lovely? There are some things that reflect my progress in crochet since, but on the photographs it does show... So no need to point them out :P

I finished the helicopter for my nephew.

And for his brother I finished the first car.

Accompanying the helicopter there will be a plane and the car will have 2 brother-cars to go along...
I rather enjoy these projects :) Both patterns come from Marika Uustare.

I also started on a new Freshstitches project: Doug the Galah.

I have decided to make all the little birds Stacey has... So this is just the first in the Lil' Bird Collection :)

So, that was it, for this week. I hoped you enjoyed my FOs this week. 

I wanted to thank you all for the kind reactions you are giving me! I am delighted that so many people like my crochet... Thank you!

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woensdag 20 februari 2013

WIPW: Kitclub

Hello everyone! It's Wednesday again and I will show you what I have in the works...

Firstly, I started on my second Freshstitches' Kitclub pattern/kit.

I love the yarn that comes with this kit! It is 100% wool, something I do not use myself... I only have acrylics and cotton. But I love this stuff! It seems to enable me to crochet very fast, although, that's probably an illusion. I still like the yarn, though. A pity it is not available in the Netherlands, for as far as I know.

I have not yet done the first Kit from the Kitclub, for some weird reasons, but I am on a roll, so I will probably start that one soon as well.

Futhermore, I have started my nephew's birthday present.

Impressive, huh? No, it's not. But I will get is finished in time, I still have a month (it's a helicopter by the way).
Currently I am awaiting the yarn for his brother's birthday present, as I will not make a not-yet-one-year old a toy from acrylics. I personally hate the loose fibers that come off, so I will not let him chew on that :P
When the yarn has arrived I really have to start working: their birthdays are two days apart :o

The last thing I want to show you, is something that might strike you as familiar:

Remember the Rainbow of Sting from last month? On the Freshstitches Forum it was suggested it would make a nice mobile and I had thought about that myself also, so I have started assembling it.

I do need to make another mini-sting, as five mini's just won't balance :)
So that's on my to-do-list, hopefully I will get this finished soon.

That was it for today. If you are up for more, please check out Tami's Amis for more WIPs.

vrijdag 15 februari 2013

FOF: Flavia

Hi everyone!

Time to show you my FOs again...

Meet Flavia!

Isn't she lovely? She is such a fun project... As she is made in Catania (thin yarn) and with a small hook (3,5 mm, I believe it's an E/4), she is not a very big girl.
She is only 16 cm and a little, not counting horn/ears (6,5 inch)... That's only half of what the description lists :)
I really want to make her a big sister some day, it would be fun to see the difference... Maybe I can also make a giant? With bulky/super-bulky yarn? :D :D

Besides Flavia I have not finished anything... I started a new project Wednesday night, but yesterday I was sick, so I only did mindless crocheting. I have finished the white/pink-square you saw Wednesday, but that's not technically a FO.

I do have non-crochet FO: Did you notice my nice, almost perfect, white background on Flavia's pictures?


I finally managed to make pictures with a white background! In some you can see that I edit them, but overall... They look good! To illustrate my progress, I recruited Cliff the Dino!

Lovely, isn't it?

So I think that will be all for today... Or would you like to see Nelson on his white background as well?

He looks quite satisfied, don't you think?
Okay, now enough of my proud rambling...

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woensdag 13 februari 2013

WIPW: Mitered Squares

Hi there! It's Wednesday again... And you are probably here to see my WIPs.

Well, I finished Flavia, so she will not be show until Friday (if you really can't wait, visit my Ravelry page).

What I will show you, is my progress on my 'Big Project' for this year. It's a free pattern for a nice baby blanket... But I make it into a cover for our hideous bright pink sitting bag.
It is now hidden away in the attic as it is, well, bright pink... And it does not fit anywhere.
Solution: make a cover for it.

Yeah, that is what I said, before I measured it... This sitting bag it 135 x 155 cm... And that is big!
Of course it not only needs a front, it also needs a back...

After some careful calculations, I have come up with a adjusted pattern, based on the Mitered Squares Baby Throw. It is lovely, but big.
My squares are 30 x 30 cm, that's 2,5 balls of yarn! Okay, I must admit... I use cotton, and it comes in quite small skeins (about 70 yards).
But still it is quite a bit of yarn, and lots of work.

By now I have finished one square, it turned out 54 rows... And I have started a second.

Yeah, I know... There's bright pink in the cover :P

But it looks good, doesn't it?
I am happy with it, anyway. And although I can go on and on about this project. Most of it will be complaining about size and amount of work... But secretly I absolutely love it and I did have the gut to go forth with this project, even after I found out how much work it was :)

So that is my only current WIP with progress. Find others at Tami's Amis!
Thanks for stopping by!

vrijdag 8 februari 2013

FOF: Dino

It's FOFriday again!
Although I did not get Flavia finished, I do have two other projects to share with you.

First I finished one project that I had lying since November. Unfortunately since November my crocheting has made massive progress and it is now incomparable to what it was then.
Consequence: the parts I made now, are not the same size as the parts I already had...
Luckily, in the picture, it still looks cute.

This little owl is the second I made from the pattern by Stacey Trock. It is Nelson's little sister, Nel!

The other project I have to show you is one of my favorites so far. The pattern is also from Stacey Trock (can you tell I love her patterns :P ).
Meet Cliff the Brontosaurus.

This cute little thing turned out perfect!
I like crochet dinosaurs, I love the yarn I used (it's Bravo Mezzo Color, for those interested) and all together I just love this quite giant softie!

He did scare Poes though, when I just finished him:

Bad quality picture... But too funny to keep from you :)

Enjoy your weekend, and please jump over to Tami's Amis to see more FOs.

woensdag 6 februari 2013

WIPW: Unicorn...

I have made a big switch this week... I abandoned my lovely thick Bravo SMC yarn and picked up the yarn I originally started crocheting with: lovely, thin and shiny Catania.

Wow... That is a difference. I thought my fingers no longer bothered me because my crocheting has improved, but apparently that's not the case. Once again the skin on my fingers is rough and I can't crochet with it for hours at a time... So I concluded that these things are more related to the thickness of yarn and especially you hook size, as it changes along. Not your crochet skills...

But it IS lovely yarn and I intend to make more projects using it, it's all worth it :)

Now on to why you actually came here: so I can show you what I am working on.
I am making Flavia, the newest pattern from Stacey Trock... And it's a cutie!

I have made the legs and body so far... And she's only 11 cm (4" and a little for my American readers). She most definitely won't measure the full 12" (30+ cm, for those who like me do not really know how much that is).

That's the advantage of thin yarn: all you make immediately turns out cute and tiny :)

Not that I don't like big squishy softies... But both big and tiny have their charms :)

So, enough of my rambling yet? If you're still reading appearantly not, so jump over to Tami's Amis to see some more WIPs and please return Friday to see Flavia (and some other(s)) finished.

zaterdag 2 februari 2013


I forgot FOF! But I won't keep this cuties from you for another week, so here you go: this is what I finished this week:

My lovely giraffe for my grandmother and a little snail for my mother :)
I have been in a gifting mood this week...

So because I am late, you have more FOs to look at when you jump over to Tami's Amis!