vrijdag 20 februari 2015

FOF: Rainbow Party

Hi everyone! I managed to squeeze in two FOFs this week, how great is that?

Let's first do some rainbow...

I finished Roy the Rainbow Monster! He is a big pal for all of the rainbow-mini's I am creating.
Don't you just love his eyes? They came in this combination when I was trying out eye-colors, but I couldn't help but leave them like this: all mixed up. What is better for a colorful monster?
All softies in the pic are designed by FreshStitches, you will find the pattern link to Roy on his project page.

My second project is a lovely, quick in between project for a birthday girl:

I actually used a pattern, but adapted it to my own desired look...

Now I quickly go back to crocheting ahem, school work, as I have lots to do!

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