vrijdag 29 maart 2013

FOF: Scrappy

Hi everyone! Just a quick FOFriday today.

I started a lot this week, but only finished one thing:

A Scrap-a-long Mixtro Monster, pattern by Stacey Trock, yarn: Magic ball form Stacey Trock...
Yes, it arrived... In record time! So I made this cutie first, before finishing my whale and Mr. Toothy.

Isn't she cute? I don't particularly like monsters, but this is truely lovely... I will be making more Mixtros in the future for sure.

And that was all... Please check back Monday, as I will post about all the things that will change in the coming weeks/month's while I work on my blog... It's my new WIP :P

For more FOs, please go over to Tami's Amis and enjoy...

woensdag 27 maart 2013

WIPW: Way too much

Hi everyone! Welcome to WIPW again.

I have way too many plans and idea's for the next few weeks... And way too little time to crochet it all.

My official WIP-list consists of 9 projects, and 3 projects I will most likely start before next WIPW.
I will show you now, only the 3 projects I started since Monday. Others you have already seen and did not progress significantly (which comes from having too many WIPs).

My favorite project at the moment: Richard the Whale. And he is stripy! :)

Really enjoying making this! I love the stripes!
I started Richard to have something to do while waiting for my Magic Balls to arrive...

That's right, Magic Balls. Currently, at the Freshstitches forum on Ravelry, we are holding a CAL, actually a scrap-a-long; or: make any animal out of scraps...
Now I don't own scraps, so I had nothing to do for the first week of the CAL, as that was when we would gather our scraps to create a Magic Ball.
Solution: buy a Magic Ball made by Stacey Trock herself. But that has to come from the US, so then, for keeping me occupied for the next week(s), the scrap-inspired whale was born!

It turned out I was too jealous of all lovely Magic Balls on display at the Freshstiches forum to not make one of my own. I took out some mini-skeins:

And I made a Magic Ball:

With in the background my schoolbook, that I actually should be reading instead of winding Magic Balls :P

I started a Big Mr. Toothy with my Magic Ball. Due to the fun I have in creating Richard, I did not yet get much done:

Of course, seeing as this is a Freshstitches CAL, all pattern are from Stacey Trock.

Lastly I am testing a pattern for TheNerdyKnitter:

This is the head of the Chao. I clearly work with an untested pattern, as I am very slow in my progress. Also I started over, as my hands did not tolerate the 2,5mm hook I was originally using. Never had that problem before, but well, it is always wise to listen to your body (or most definitely your hands if you're a crocheter).

So, that was it for my crochet WIPs. You might have noticed I changed the background of my blog. It is only the first of multiple changes. I will talk more about this next Monday, but for the upcoming weeks: don't be surprised if things on my blog aren't as they used to be, links don't work and things looking strange... It will all come out right in the end :)

For more yarn-y WIPs, please hop over to Tami's Amis and check out some more.

vrijdag 22 maart 2013

FOF: Ollie!

Hi everyone! It's Friday again, and although I am deprived of photographs at the moment I was thinking ahead this time.
I wrote this blog post yesterday, when I still had access to my photos.

First of all, off course, I want to show you Ollie, as I have finished him!
By now my sister should have received it, so maybe I will update later today (Friday) with a picture of her and Ollie (if she is willing to admit that she wanted him, instead of her cat).

Isn't this one adorable elephant?
I did have some problems with his ears. I picked up back-loop crocheting from Stacey Trock and well, I think it's hard not to crochet BLO by now and I make almost everything I do in BLO.
Overall, that no big deal... But with non-symmetrical flat pieces... It is trouble! So my ears differ.
I am my worst critic, so I care, but probably, no one else. Admit, you don't even see it, right? :P

Then I also finished my second Kit Club pattern, which was Mozzy, a long legged mosquito.
Poes was willing to pose...

Aren't they cute together?

Poes, however, did not want to pose with her own toy... So the kitty ball I made is just a sphere in the picture :P

But, it does look good, doesn't it?
I will be making some more of these, as Poes loves it and yet she still manages to get it to disappear over and over again (under, behind, into and onto of the furniture).
I need more if I don't want to get up every few minute to save a hyper cat from destroying everything in her path to get to her ball. And I did not even fill it with catnip! (Which I was planning, but most definitely won't be doing now!)

The pattern for Ideal Crochet Spheres is from Emily Premise-Conclusion.

Lastly, I finished some adorable spring squishies. It is a pattern by Josephine Wu. And they are adorable!

 I will be making a lot more little ducks (top right) as that pattern just is the most adorable of all four and I would love to have an army of little ducklings! They are easy and quick to make, so lots of fun.

I think that these conclude all that I have to show you. I have lots and lots more plans in my head and lying around in my room. There is so much I want to make! Why can't I just crochet all day?

To answer my own question: Poes won't let me :P, she thinks I'm boring while I crochet and always suffers from I-am-getting-too-little-attention attacks while I crochet. Cuddle attacks are very hazardous for my crocheting (cat hairs!).

I hope you and others did get a lot of crocheting done! So please check over at Tami's Amis for more FO-goodness!

woensdag 20 maart 2013

WIPW: Ollie

Hi everyone! Miss me last week?

I had no works in progress on Wednesday, seeing how busy I was for school I decided not to write a blog post... And Friday I was at my mom's and I did not have access to my photos, so no finished objects either...

But this week I will make it up to you, especially on Friday (which, again, I will spent at my mom's but this time I will go prepared :P) as you have two weeks of FOs to drool over then :)

For now I have three things in the works:

The first is an Overlay Mandala from CAROcreated design. It looks like an FO, but I can assure you, it still requires work... I'm about half way in rounds.

What was new to me was the requirement to join each round... But on the other hand, you can truly see it grow row by row, as it seems an FO after every round. (It would make a pretty coaster, at the moment, don't you think?)

Secondly I am working on yet another Stacey Trock pattern, as well, every other project I get this urge to make one of her cuties!
This time I am making a Rainbow Microbe, with one of my lovely new rainbow yarns...

It is made in loop stitch which is lovely! I am making it double stranded, to make it bigger (it's thin yarn, only requiring a 2,5mm hook; now I use a 4mm) and fluffier.
It will probably use up all of my yarn... But well, it's worth it.

And lastly I am working on a project for my sister, who does not want to admit she wants it (after all, she's too old for plushies [or so she claims]) so I have to make it for my sister's cat...
Yeah, really. My sister has a cat who demands that I crochet her a elephant!

But anyway, I love this pattern! Ollie is based on a mascot from a zoo here in the Netherlands, who is currently sponsoring a national soccer team. They use it in the TV-commercial. It's really cute.
Even if you don't speak Dutch it is fun to watch!

The one I'm make right now is like 15 cm (6 inch) + a little, as I have not yet made the feet.
I will make myself a bigger one, someday... As it's just too cute!
The pattern is from Carin Creaties, and available in English. I can't wait to see how it will turn out in the end :)

So, that's it for me this week. I hope you will take some time to go an check out some more WIPs on Tami's Amis blog. And please, come back on Friday. I hope to show your at least Ollie and my FOs form last week :)

vrijdag 8 maart 2013

FOF: Nelson and Kendra

Hi everyone! I am delighted that you decide to come by today as I have two wonderful creatures to show you!

I finished both Nelson and Kendra! And they turned out amazingly fantastic :)

First off, Kendra the Kitty Cat... A pattern from Stacey Trock, made with lovely Scheepjes Softfun Batik (which is amazing stuff, I must add).

I found that I had a pair of amazing, golden cat eyes lying around. They work wonderful on her...

Then there is Nelson. For his eyes, I had a dilemma: I wanted him to have big eyes, but my only 20mm eyes are brown... Except for a wonderful pair of magic eyes, that I have owned for a few months already. Just to drool over and think about what to use them for. The brown eyes didn't work, so...

I went for the Magic eyes... Doesn't Nelson look fantastic with them?
Nelson is made with SMC Bravo Mezzo, also a pattern from Stacey Trock, but more importantly, his eyes are come from 6060eyes.
I love them, and although I though I would never dare to use them, I am glad I used them on Nelson!

So, these are my finished objects for this week... Please, visit Tami's Amis for more.

woensdag 6 maart 2013

WIPW: Rainbow Kitty

Hi everyone. Welcome once again to WIPWednesday!

I have some projects to show you that I am really excited about!

I have started another Nelson. And this time I tortured myself by deciding I would make a striped Nelson...

For those of you who have made this pattern (by Stacey Trock) themselves: you know Nelson already has more that enough color changes. And I introduced some more :P

For those of you who have never made Nelson: make Nelson! Just don't decide to change colors every few rows ;)

But, if you look at him... It's worth it:

I know, not the best picture... But you will get to see him in full glory this Friday, as all I really got to do is assembly...

On a side note: I started Nelson to try out some new yarn I have bought. I use Bravo Mezzo, a 100% acrylic, but super soft chunky yarn... It's lovely! :)

My second project, I am really excited about, is a rainbow kitty! Also from a pattern from Stacey Trock (Kendra the Kitty Cat). I know I still have another little cat (Moosje) in the works at the moment, and I really should finish her... But my mom gave me some wonderful rainbow yarns this weekend:

So, you probably understand: I had to try some of this! So, using the Scheepjes Softfun Batik I started my kitty.

I am planning on also finishing up this Kitty this week...

So that's me for this week's Wednesday. Please check out some more WIPs over at Tami's Amis and I will see you again this Friday!

vrijdag 1 maart 2013

FOF: Birthday presents

Hi everyone!

I finished the birthday presents for my nephews!

Look at this:

Aren't they amazing? They turned out so nice...
I almost think it's a same it's still three weeks until their birthdays, now I have to wait until I can give these to them...
All three patterns are from Marika Uustare. You can find them on Etsy (ByMarika) or Ravelry.

I am in the mood for quick posts this week, apparently... As this is all I have got to show you!

That, of course, is not enough FOs for a Friday. So move on and check out Tami's Amis for more.