woensdag 30 januari 2013

WIPW: Guusje

It is Wednesday again, and so it is time to show my WIPs.

Currently I am only working on a birthday present for my Granny. As she barely knows how to use a computer and does absolutely not speak a word of English it is very save to show this here :)

This lovely pattern is from Christel Krukkert, and she is called Guusje. She will have to be finished on Friday, because I won't have time to finish her after that and she will have to go to my Granny on Sunday.

Hopefully I can show her to you on Friday!

Besides Guusje I have crocheted very little. I got some rows done on my shoulder bag, but that's not worth showing as it still looks the same as last week...
I hope to get some more crocheting done soon, as my list of want to do/need to do is growing steadily.

For more WIPs you jump over to Tami's Amis. See you again this Friday!

vrijdag 25 januari 2013

FOF: Nelson!

Yes! Today is the day :)
Nelson is finished, and I get to show him to you :)

This lovely little guy, by a pattern of Stacey Trock, is crocheted in the most ridiculous shades of pink and orange-y yellow. But it turned out a very nice (and bright) combination.
For taking pictures however these colors suck, they loose their true shades... But, I have only a simple crappy camera, so this is the best I could do.

I have not gotten anything else finished, as a one-night sleep-over of my sister turned into a two-night sleep-over because of bad weather and trains that did not manage to ride without major delays (it was a three hour ride, instead of the usual 40-minutes :o ).

I do hope you and others did though, and so please hop over to Tami's Amis to see more FOs!

woensdag 23 januari 2013


It is WIPWednesday again... So let's see what I am working on this time:

I started a cat! She is called Moosje, by Christel Krukkert. And, believe it or not, it is the first big cat that I am making :)
Being a cat lover, it's about time don't you think...

The black one is mine, the other is how cute she is going to be :)   

And I can't resist, but I have to show you my only other cat I have ever made. Even though she is already finished...

 Now you tell me, two drops of water, right?
 Let's make little Moosje drop number three :)

And I am working on a shoulder bag, in the lovely variated rainbow-y yarn I got from across the ocean:

Because of my bad choice in background the colors may seem a little dull, but it is beautiful glossy, kind of dark stuff... I love it :)

Nelson is finished by now, so I will proudly show it to you all on Friday. Hopefully Moosje will be finished by then as well. The bag might take a while, as I want it to become a super-duper bag; we will see it again next week :)

And now, please visit Tami's Amis to see some more WIPs.

maandag 21 januari 2013

MM: Snow

(C) http://www.la-mot.com/

Snow... I love it! We have had snow for a week now, and I can't get enough of it. Luckily, it does not seem to be getting warmer anytime soon. Yeah!
Poes however, is not so much a fan of snow. So, no cute pictures of Poes playing around.
What Poes and I agree on is one thing: Snow make perfect crochet weather! So I off to cuddle up on my bed, with a content Poes in my lap to crochet the day away. Hopefully to show you some beautiful things this Friday :)

(C) http://ambleandsing.blogspot.nl/

vrijdag 18 januari 2013

FOF: Jellyfish!

Just a quick FOFriday today, before my busy weekend starts :)

I finished my Jellyfish! Both the small ones you saw Wednesday and their mother.


Aren't they cute? I love how they turned out...
I have plans for turning them into a mobile, so hopefully they will return to FOF when that is assembled.

Nelson did not get finished unfortunately, so he will find a place next week.

I hope you finished some lovely projects yourself, just like me... Do you rather look at FOs from others? Jump over to Tami's Amis to see more!

woensdag 16 januari 2013

WIPW: Owl and Jellyfish

Hi everyone! It's WIPWednesday again, so let's see what I am working on right now.

First, I want to show you Nelson, who I have finally started.

Yeah, I know, it does not look very exciting... But, well, he's a WIP.

And I am really excited about him! He has been in my Queue on Ravelry since August 7!
Back then, I had only been crocheting for maybe three months. I thought of him as complicated and big, hence the queue.

But Nelson did spark something back then... He was my first view of Stacey Trock's patterns, he was the first big amigurumi I queued. And now, he is the first amigurumi I am making that's truly made in absurd colors...

Let's just say, Nelson is the start off where I am today in crocheting, so it is about time I started him!
We will see how he looks on Friday!
And please, let him be your introduction to Stacey Trock, or FreshStitches (on Ravelry). Or better, visit her website.

Next is a project I am also very excited about:
My Rainbow Mini Sting the Jellyfish!

Remember, from last week, this is my adapted version of Sting the Jellyfish from Stacey Trock.
So, lovely little Jellyfish are lying around my room.

These three are waiting for their eyes and stuffing, while two, maybe three more, are still in their skein of yarn fase. These cute things take about an hour-and-a-half to complete, so by Friday my rainbow should be finished.

Also, look forward to the patterns of these cuties. As I will be posting it soon, with the introduction of my new addition to this blog.

So, this was all I had to show you for this WIPW, as I crochet too quickly now-a-days and finished my other WIP yesterday already... Be back this Friday to see them all together, I hope completed!

Can't get enough of WIPs? Please visit Tami's Amis to see more of them!

maandag 14 januari 2013


MM... What's that? You might wonder... If you came here by Tami's Amis, you will probably think: Well, there's WIPW and FOF, but what in cat's name is MM?

MM is something of my own making, and it is Meow Monday! And guess? It's all about cats!
I can't promise weekly posts on this, but I am going to try... Even if it is just me sharing some too-cute-pictures ;)

I would love to show you some awesome pictures of my cat Poes, to start with... Although, you won't see her every week: I have a camera-shy cat, can you believe that?
But, I am kind of sneaky with my camera, so... Meet Poes!

 This little monster is Poes, when I just got her :)

 And this is her stepsister Muffin (who's my sister's cat, they are the same age!)

 Poes her favorite hobbies: being lazy, being cute...

 With a lot of mischief in between... 

We all love catching fish!

So, for this Meow Monday, you got to meet Poes! Please, be back for WIPW in a few days :)

vrijdag 11 januari 2013


I almost forgot its FOFriday, or Finished Objects-Friday! Talking about a good start :S

But here we go, as I have created some lovely cuties to show you...

First I made some Jellyfish! I finished the big one already on Wednesday, so I could no longer show it to you then. But: here it is, together with its tiny brother that I was working on Wednesday.

Aren't they just adorable? I love these and see a lot more of them in the future!
BTW, the pattern for the big jellyfish is from Stacey Trock. The little one is made from my own adaption to that pattern.

Also I finished Journey, and she is now tasked with guarding my mini-marshmallows.

And a new guy to the lot: a multicolored Blue Bird (that's not so blue). This also is a pattern from Stacey Trock, from her Woodland Amigurumi Class on Craftsy.

Do you see the lovely gloss of the yarn? I love this yarn! It was gifted to my by Su (), a member of the FreshStitches-forum on Ravelry.
She had made a lovely plushie from this yarn, and offered to trade some with me!
Thank you Su!

So, that's a quick look into all I have finished this week.

Want to see more FOs? Go and visit Tami's Amis!

woensdag 9 januari 2013


Alright, it's Wednesday and as you will soon see that means that I will show you my WIPs or Work-In-Process. It will show you what I have been up to this week.

Because this is the first WIPW, I will also give show you other things I have lying around... So of those thing will see their finish rather quickly, while others might end up being frogged.
We will see what the year brings for those projects :)

First: my 'main' WIPs...

I am working on a miniature jellyfish, after falling in love with the Sting the Jellyfish pattern by Stacey Trock.

Besides that, I have Journey lying around: she a delightful little giraffe designed by Polkadot Squirrel.

 As for my other WIPs: they have ended up in these boxes...
Sadly, they will lay there and wait until I will have mercy and finish them.

Among the lucky ones are another giraffe called Gigi from Marike van Loo and a little owl called Nel from Stacey Trock.

These two have reasonable chances of getting finished.

My last of three Ruffle Christmas Trees (Stacey Tallman) will probably have to wait until the end of the year... I don't like working on it when I am not in the Christmas mood. It will stand a chance if it will snow at some point these next months.

And last, there are the projects that will probably never be finished...

A Pet Bed by Johanna Dzikowski I started some time last year, when I had not yet the skills I have now. I think I took too small a hook. I will probably frog this, and maybe start over.

And then there is my try at the Abstract Crochet Cats of Teresa Richardson. I have kept it in the hope of finding the will to finish it some day, but most likely: I won't...
So, that's my mega-post on my WIPs...
Now you're up-to-date... Will see you on Friday, when I will show off my FOs, or Finished Objects.

Want to see more WIPs? Pay a visit to Tami's Amis and read on...

dinsdag 8 januari 2013

Try-out: Am I a blogger?

Hello and welcome to everyone who has found their way here!You have somehow stumbled upon my website CrochetPlush, and now you're wondering:
What will you find here?

I intend this site to be about my crocheting, but don't be supprised to seen some cats here and there... I am crochet-addict and cat lover!

Right now I am still building this site and seeing if I want to keep it up.
Bare with me and see how this site will develop into something nice :)