vrijdag 1 mei 2015

FOF: Birthday Presents Part 2

Hi everyone! Welcome to another FOFriday, that I managed to remember! ;)
Ready for another portion of great cuteness?

Say hello to little mister Happy the Monkey Clown!

How colorful is he? I love him. I loved this monkey the first time I saw it and the first time I made it... So per request by the receiver, I happily made another! :D

He did very well as a birthday present! As he was very excited to come out of the box for a big load of hugs!

Great monkey, makes a great present..!

I realize I forgot to include a link last week to the pattern of the bear... Well, there isn't. It comes from a magazine I own. But I can give you a link to my project page: birthday bear.
For the monkey, the story is nearly the same, but although coming from a book, it is more easily available, also internationally! Birthday monkey!

I hope to see you soon again, either on Sunday or when I have another WIPW or FOF ready! ;)

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