vrijdag 2 augustus 2013

FOF: Elephants!

It is already Friday again and hot already at this early hour... Yet I went up onto the quite hot attic to writ my blog ;)
Because I promised I would show you something fun.
These two, to be exact:

Two elephant! I called them both Ellie. The pattern is from Adrialys, and these are made for the CAL.
They have both been made with the same yarn, only in different colors... But you might have noticed already: there is a difference in size!

This Ellie is made with a 3 mm hook... She is the first one I assembled, and I had some trouble doing it!
Luckily I had a second:

This one I made, using a 4 mm hook. It allowed my to made a ridged trunk (which was too much of a pain with the 3 mm). Also I swapped the front and back legs: the arms were actually bigger then the legs.
Probably that would not be much of a problem with some nice, thick acrylic, but with the thin stuf I used it just didn't work.

I am intending to make Ellie again, because I know I can do it nicer and better! Now the yarn was just against me (haven't decided what to do with the left overs... They might not survive my end-of-summer cleaning :S).

I hope to get some crocheting done after today (you might not have noticed, but I haven't touched a crochet hook in days! Having holidays is so busy! ;) ).
So, maybe I will have something nice for next week!

Until then, you can of course visit Tami's Amis for more!

4 opmerkingen:

  1. They look so cute. i love the colours. I think the purple one is my favorite

    1. It would have been for me, if it hadn't given me so much trouble... Now they are equally cute :P

  2. They are both very sweet :) Makes me want to crochet animal toys.

    1. You should really try it sometime, if only a little one ;)