woensdag 7 augustus 2013

WIPW: Cats and Bugs

Hi everyone.
Time for WIPWednesday! I have another three projects to show you.
First my progress on the Spanish Cats. They have a body now!

It is starting to look like something :)
Althought the paws may proof difficult on the striped one. I will only have limited space then, to do my color changes.

The next cat... Is not exactly a cat:

I am making Catbug... So, a cat and a ladybug in one...
A catrooncharacter, although I don't know it. He's just cute! Look:

My last project is more like practice.
I intent to make this one:

But it's rather difficult... So I am making a ball with the same techniques as I will be using for the hippo. First the flower pattern, then the joining (the hippo will be joined-as-you-go)...
I finished three flowers so far:

For the ball I am making I will be needing eleven, but I hope it will get easier as I go. After all, that's the reason for practicing.

I don't think any of these projects will be finished by Friday... But you never know. Otherwise I will see you again next week.

Until then, as always, visit Tami's Amis for more.

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  1. Love that hippo. Did you make up the pattern yourself?

    1. Oh, no... Would be pretty amazing if I did that ;)
      The pattern is from Heidi Bears, you can find it here: