vrijdag 13 september 2013

FOF: Ice Cream and a Big Dog

Lovely, isn't it? To finish work way before you expect to? It is the perfect moment to write your blog ;) This time I have two projects to show you...
In a hopeless attempt to keep the feeling of Summer here a little longer:

A lovely little Ice Cream! I made this one a while back, in a time that I could still sit in the back yarn, in the lovely warm sun, with a crochet hook, some yarn and short sleeves...

Now he's sitting in my room with his little sister, as a reminder of the Summer.

The other project to show you is a last-minute birthday present...
And I would not call it little:

This big guy I made in just three days... Next time I'd prefer a little longer, but well... He was a nice clean up for my stash, because big dogs need lots of yarn :)

These are the links to my project-pages on Ravelry:
Ice Cream
Striped dog :)
Here you can also find the links to the patterns, just in case you'd want to attempt to make one of these yourself.

And now quickly of to Tami's Amis... A long list of other projects will surely be awaiting there :)

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