woensdag 25 september 2013

WIPW: Birthday present!

Hi everyone... This week I did manage a normal WIPWednesday. :)
Before I show you what I am working on, first something else. Apparently the link to Pinterest on the side does not work... It's a shame, but I just can seem to get it to work.
So, I wanted to give you access in another way: find me here Crochetplush on Pinterest. Here you can find all things I have made :)
And then, of course, the project I am currently working on!

I am busy crocheting a birthday present for my nephew!
As he will be turning two, and I hope does not yet know how a computer works, I'd say it is not a problem if I show you what I am working on :)\

Yes, and what is this? The pattern calls them skittles, so I hope that is the correct term ;)
These will become safari skittles.
I hope my nephew will enjoy it. And his big brother should join into the fun as well, so I will make two balls to go with it... And bag to store the game, so his parents can put the game away if it drives them crazy: I put a little rattle disk in the skittles! Makes it more fun to throw them over ánd it makes them stand better.

If the boys just get a little addicted to the game, there will be lots of noise in the house :)
I hope to have the skittles finished by Friday, as the balls and the bag also need to be made. Before the end of next week...

So do come and check out on Friday what I have gotten finished!
And now off to Tami's amis for more WIPW.

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