vrijdag 18 april 2014

FOF: Mega Steggie

Hi everyone! Are you ready to see all of my lovely projects of the past two weeks?

First I did a quick custom order-project: two bunny ears...

These are of my own design, so I could give you an actual pattern.

Then I made another Easter Bunny from Stacey Trock.

Next I made my sister a birthday cake! She turned 19 and I got her 19 presents... So they needed to be stuffed into something!

This also is my own improv... So no pattern ;)

This last thing I love most! My own Ginourmous Stegosaurus!

It truly is huge, and I love him!

For him there is a pattern, he is one of Heidi Bears' patterns, which I mentioned on Wednesday already (link goes to my pattern page, but you can click through to Heidi's page).

So, that was all... I was actually surprised, because I thought I had made even more...
But not, apparently. For next week I hope to have some new things to show :)

For now, you can visit Tami's Amis.

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