woensdag 16 april 2014

WIPW: Finally I'm back!

Hi everyone! Miss me recently? Real life, and especially university decided to catch up with me... And although crocheting did not stop, blogging had to go.
But now I am back, shortly for today... But he! No FOFriday for two weeks means lots to see this week!

Now, I have two projects to show you. I am working on more, but I will be making three swap-packages over the next two or three months, so that means less for you to see, as I don't want to ruin any surprises :)

But now I will show you some actual crochet work:

These two squirrels (yes, they will become squirrels) I am making for a friend, who loves my crochet work. She thinks she will get just one, but I decided on two. Of course I am hoping she isn't reading my blog ;)
Don't worry, the gray one will get eyes too, they will be embroidered on later.

Then I started a new project, inspired by one FO you haven't yet seen (it's awesome! so be back Friday!).
Do you know Heidi Bears and her amazing African Flower projects? Well, she also has designed a granny version of the shapes and those are very adaptable:

So I committed the last rounds of it, or you could say, I only crocheted the first two... With the thinnest cotton I own and a 2mm hook. This will become a mini-Stegosaurus. But I must admit. I have one shape so far, and still 63 to go... This is a long time project for sure ;)

Tami's Amis will come with a link-up page for WIPWednesday soon. Check it out!

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  1. Interesting projects. I'll come back on Friday to see the results!