vrijdag 9 mei 2014

FOF: Pirate

Hi everyone! I promised, I promised... And I almost forgot! Busy day today, but you deserve to finally see my pirate! :)

So... Are you ready to see if Pirates can be cute? Yeah, that's right... Cute.

Isn't he the best? He crawled into my moms bed and she enjoyed such a tough pirate looking after her ;)
This pirate is a modification of this FreshStitches pattern (or you could use this one). The modification can be found on the blog of Chloe, carfis11 on Ravelry. For your convenience, that would be this page ;)

I had yet another task that had to be finished this week... And so I did!

Two little owls... At the Beesteboel forum at Ravelry we are having a big Meet on Saturday. And as a thank you to the yarn shop housing us, we decided each would make a little owl. I made two, but the left over one has been offered and claimed by someone else to give as their owl (not everyone at the forum is a crocheter or had as much time on their hands as me ;) ).
You can find the pattern here.

Not promising: but I hope to finally get around to posting my SBS: April wrap-up post...
Also, not promising a WIPW-post... But next Friday? Be back! Post assured ;)

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