vrijdag 16 mei 2014


Hi everyone! Today you finally get to see some real work I got done in the past weeks.
I am really bad at not sharing my projects all over the place, but this time I had to keep myself in check... But not anymore! Enjoy.

For the meet of the Beestenboel forum, I talked about last WIPW, we had to choose a random theme, as we had no partner assigned. So we worked with a blank mind.
I went with one of the first things that came to mind: Purple and Pink!

You might have guessed... I am pretty pleased with my box! I loved making it and my buddy (who got it in the end) was also over the moon with it!
You can find all links and pictures belonging to this swap here. It includes pictures of the meet (and my happy buddy) and the links to the used patterns.

Besides this I had another last-minute and very secretive project on the go.
You see, my mom and sister are fighting out a bunny war... My sister would like to have a pet bunny and my mom absolutely doesn't. What better ammunition that cute bunnies, in a bunny war?
Yes, that is where I come in ;)

I love them all... And my mom and sister did too... The bunny war, I think, hasn't been totally decided. But for now I declare my mom the leader of the game...

Once again all pattern links can be found in one place, namely this pattern page.

So, how is that for a photo filled blog post? I fear I might not be able to have another one for another 2 weeks, as I am hard at work for another swap, which can not be shared. I hope to have some little things to share in between.

Check out Tami's Amis, in the mean time. She will have lovely blog posts all together ever week.

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