vrijdag 14 november 2014

FOF: Catch up

Hi everyone! Don't you know the feeling? That time is just rushing by at high speed?
Well, I do too. But I did manage to work in some crochet-time every now and then...

I made three projects of which I forgot to take picture -_-'
But please! Enjoy these, of which I did take them.

Cliff has got his witch hat, which I made as a hair piece to a hat-themed party I attended. It serves a double purpose :) Improvised the hat from the picture of the pattern on the projectpage.

I also designed this, all by myself:
It is called a Zorgenvriendje, a softie to which children can tell their worries and he will munch them up. I am happy with how he turned out.

And lastly I made a Lalaloopsy doll, for the sister of the boy who his receiving the Zorgenvriendje.
Here there is a pattern: here, although I have adapted it to materials I had available, and you probably wouldn't guess, I followed the pattern almost to the letter ;)

Have a nice week, don't forget to be crafty!

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