vrijdag 6 maart 2015

FOF: Insects and a Hippo

Hi everyone! Did you miss WIPWednesday? Well, that was because I was too busy finishing stuff!
So let's see what came of my hook this week!

First I made an adorable critter from DenDennis' new book:

It is a little butterfly! I love this little thing a lot...
I don't have a pattern link for you, but do check out the new book!

Fitting with the theme of insects I got to test a Grasshopper pattern.

This little guy is part of the Microcosmos designed by Amination. He will be in the second ebook, coming out soon!

My last project is a stripy guy of slightly larger proportions.

It is a Hippo! A trusty and made-before design from Freshstitches. He is just great :)

Let's hope my next few weeks can be as productive as this week!

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