donderdag 21 januari 2016

Show me what you've got: Owls and Blankets

Hi everyone! Has it been two weeks ago already?? Time's flying past!
I have been quite busy, as I was teaching a crochet class for a local LDS chapter!

My 'classroom', already and set to go... And then I got sooo busy that I didn't take any more pictures! The woman who asked me thought the participants were capable of a little crochet... Not! I had to teach them the basics (though, I had kind of accounted for that). I had three crafty helpers who could crochet and helped in getting the others started. Everyone finished their owl's eyes! :D

I went a little overboard when I was making examples, to encourage some of them to pick bright colors (or penguin colors! ;) ) instead of the neutral, correct browns we picked for owls, but of which we were not sure we had enough.
It worked, almost all went for happy and bright! Alright, a close-up of my two favorites!

A penguin owl and a watermelon owl! LOVE!
I will be back at the church to finish their owls with them soon. I might be able to show you some results, who knows?!

As a little catch up addition I decided I'd show you the two (!) blankets I finished up in December (only to start a new one to add to my blanket-WIP-list -_-' I do love blankets!).

First my sister's blanket, long overdue. It became a Christmas present instead of a (April) birthday present... But it is loved to bits! Not literally of course ;)

And my 'easiest' one: a hdc Minion blanket! It is covering the end of my childhood-bed with Frozen-bedcovering... I like my animations!

Crochet plans just keep popping up in my head and I am getting plenty finished and even more not even started. But we do love crochet!

Be back for more, you and me both!

Project pages:
My sister's blanket
Minion blanket

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