maandag 29 augustus 2016

BIG Announcement

Hi everyone! Have you missed me? I have been horrible with keeping up with my blog! But I had some great reasons...

Personally, I had to graduate this year... And writing my BA-thesis was a little more time consuming then I had thought it would be. I might have been a little naive on that part ;)

But on the crochet-side of things, I had a good reason also, which was delayed by that same thesis...

I have opened my own Etsy-shop! :D Isn't that awesome?
I mean, I make way to much stuff to keep all to myself, although I would love that! So, I decided to start a shop to sell those little softies I can part with.

Though I have set it up for international sales also, I fear shipping softies across country borders is quite expensive. But, if you really fall in love with one of my creations... Hop over and see if it is affordable for you.

Currently I am busy linking up all my social media accounts, so they all link up. I haven't manage to get it all to work as I want, but it is slowly coming together. 
Hopefully, before soon, you will be able to see highlights from my shop and my instagram-feed in the side bars. Until then, I thought I'd link you up in this post:

Visit my Etsy-shop!

Look at my Instagram-feed. It has lots of cats and bullet-journaling also, but you will find crochet projects there as well. Still toying with the idea to create a separate shop-account, will update if it comes to that of course!

Stop by on Pinterest, where my Portfolio is still up and running and now up-to-date again also!

Of course, my Ravelry Notebook hopes to keep-up with my crochet-y fingers also.

It has been suggested I should have a Facebook-page also, which is something I will look into shortly.
At least, so far I have made it easy for you... I am universally CrochetPlush! ;)

I keep crocheting and intend to use this, my English blog, as a personal 'Look what I am Crocheting'-blog.

Meanwhile, my Dutch blog (to which you can switch through the link in the side bar) will become more like a Shop-update blog. Here you will find shop announcements and updates when they occur. Yes, for now, this will be in Dutch only, as Dutch sales will be my target (market) most likely.

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