vrijdag 9 september 2016

Owl Crazy

I love owls! So, when I don't have crochet inspiration... I make some owls!

The pretty girl above I made quite some time ago, but I don't believe I showed her off... And as I love her very much I grabbed today as a change. Big pattern, big owl, but for big hugs :D

Last week I worked up some owls also.

These are made to my all time favorite owl pattern, by Stacey Trock: Nelson the Owl.
I have made so many I can almost do it without the pattern at hand. On Ravelry I had a tab in my Notebook especially devoted to the owls I've made: OWLS <3

All three of these sweeties are for sale in my shop. 

Have you seen my try-out updates on the blog? 
>>> Etsy shop window on the right here, for some digital window shopping.
<<< Added some links in my 'Find me on' bar.

I am thinking things probably need promotion to a topbar, but I am still playing around.
See you soon again!

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