vrijdag 21 juni 2013

FOF: Phoxy

Although I crochet plenty, it seems like I've not nearly as much to show you as I did some time back... But for today, it is your lucky day and I have something nice to show you!
I made this cutie as a surprise... And I am hoping very badly that the one who I made this for, does not read my blog (at least, not this time!) ;)
Therefore, I will also not say who it is for (although the receiver might guess when that person sees).

But you are all allowed to join in and enjoy this cutie:

The pattern is from Adrialys... She makes nice designs, so from the first of July on I will participate in a CAL (crochet-a-long, for the non-crocheting people among us) and then we will make her elphant! :)
After this pattern, I am certainly looking forward to it!

I hope to have more nice things to show you soon!  :)

For now, please pay a visit to Tami's Amis...

2 opmerkingen:

  1. This is stunning, the best crocheted fox I've ever seen! Perfect work.

  2. So cute! Love his little sweater! That CAL sounds like fun - I'm looking forward to seeing your elephant ;)