dinsdag 4 juni 2013

WIPW: Skylanders

Technically it is not yet Wednesday, of course, but somehow Wednesdays seem to pass before my eyes and I can't find the time to blog...
But this I wanted to show you anyway, and thus... I am a day early!
For the son of a colleague at work, I am making a Skylanders-figure...
Yes, I can hear you think... What is that? Good question, as I didn't know either. But the pictures on the internet are kinda bad...

But then I was lucky, and I found a really nice book. The book can just go with the figure to its new owner, while at the same time I have a good example.
Tonight I crocheted the head:

Never made a stuffed animal look mean (with me it usually is about things being as cute as possible ;P), but this turned out just fine!
There are no pretty patterns for Skylander-figures, so I am improvising.
Ironically though, my base figure is: a MyLittlePony-pattern (TheNerdyKnitter). Can you imagine?
I am making a mean little dragon out of a cute little horse...

Maybe one day, I will make the pony anyway ;)

More pictures of WIPs I don't have. More WIPs I do have, but they will have to wait a week before show off, as of today... They are not very interesting to see yet.

For more WIPs you can check Tami's Amis... But you will have to wait until tomorrow!

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