vrijdag 26 juli 2013

FOF: Spyro

I totally forgot about FOF... I blame the holidays for messing up my knowledge of days of the week, I just can't tell them apart ;)
But luckily I remembered just in time. So now I can show you, what I wanted to show!
Spyro! My very own improvised Spyro!
For those who don't know him: Spyro is a figure from Skylanders (a game, for as far as I have understood).

And apparently it is very popular with certain age-groups (and I am not part of those... Until I got the request I had never heard of Skylanders!).

Because there is only one Skylander-pattern (or at least, I didn't find more) and I really didn't like that one, I had to start from scratch... And that's difficult!
So I found a pattern to use as a basis, this one to be exact:

Yeah, I know... No comparison at all, right?

But, is gave me something to work with.
I changed a lot about the pattern, left out a lot and added a lot...
And after six weeks of creative improvising I ended up with this:

And I must say... I am proud of it!

I know from a number of people that they would like my notes on how I made Spyro.
And you can have them! I just have to make them readable. I hope to get that done at the start of next week.
If you would like my notes, please, do sent me an email (you can do that via the 'contact' button on the right). If it doesn't work that way (I tested it, but you never know), please leave a comment.

Spyro was all I had to show you...
But at Tami's Amis I am sure there is more to be found!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Perfect! Right down to the little white toenails:)

  2. adorable Spyro. I have never heard of skylanders either but I LOVE dragons and must now find about Spyro and will emailing you for your pattern notes.