woensdag 17 juli 2013

WIPW: Dino

It is Wednesdag again already... Doesn't time fly?
For today I have once again something fun to show you!
And no... It is not a ... . I have finished crocheting for the Mystery CAL. And so, you will all have to wait until Friday to see the finished results.

Today I have a new project to show you.
Yesterday I went yarn-shopping and of course I had to try-out my purchases!

So I started on Tara the Triceratops from HollieJolly.
She is made from Drops Paris, my new discovery... I love the stuff! I have been warned for the the fact that is very  split-y. But I have crocheted with worse yarns and with the Drops Paris I am not bothered at all. It is on the way to become my new favorite yarn! :)

I have only this to show you, as I have been very busy crocheting on my ... .
I hope to show you a finished Tara this Friday, and of course the results of the Mystery CAL!

For now, please enjoy yourselfs with going through other WIPs at Tami's Amis.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Come on Friday! I can hardly wait; I've seen all the clues over the last few weeks and still have no idea what Friday will bring! Cute little dino!

  2. The triceratops is a fun pattern! I made two of them. I love the colors you're using. I have always wanted to give Drops yarn a try