woensdag 10 juli 2013


Hello everyone!
Today I have a whole mountain of paws, ears, bodies and other things... As another blogger/crocheter once said: I look like dr. Frankenstein!
And all those parts come from my two CALs.
Earlier I already showed some of my parts from the Mystery CAL from FreshStitches.

By now that have become this amount of parts:

And I still haven't finished! I have another 12 or so parts to crochet... And then I must surely take a day to assemble them!
Assemble what, you ask? Well, I have gotten the last clue and so I know... But I decided to be kind and let you guess on until I have finished them. Then I will show them! :)
But I can tell you: so cute!

The second CAL I have also mentioned before: Emilia Elephat from Adrialys.
I haven't gotten very far, but with the great amount of part above you might understand!

Luckily this CAL will last for a little while longer, until the start of August that is, so I still have time :)

And lastly I have an unofficial CAL to share:
My mother and I are crocheting Ollie-key chains together!

Identical, as you see...
But there is a very big difference in crocheting: I crochet that tight, that where I use a 4mm for my key chains, my mom has to use a 3mm to get the same result!
We split the other part, as my mom thoroughly dislikes to crochet small things... She will make the relatively bigger paws and ears, and I will make the trunks and tail... And probably tusks as well.

That's what I wanted to show you  for this week's WIPW, but Friday I have at least something else to show you... And maybe more!
Until then you can find more nice WIPs at Tami's Amis.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. That really is a mountain of parts! It's going to be fun to see the final animal in all these different colours!

  2. I have no idea what you're making but there's a lot of it. I can't wait to see it/them finished.