woensdag 4 juni 2014

WIPW: I'm back!

And I am back to blogging! :D
Hi everyone... Finally I have a proper WIPW for you. I do have some crochet secrets to keep, but no longer does that involve all of my crochet. Let's start nice and easy...

I have started working a project that is only there to keep my hands busy... I don't know if I will like the end result and I already know I am not too fond of the yarn...

I must admit I am starting to like it more, because the project is turning out okay...
Funny thing is: this yarn is called Favorito... I have deemed it unfit for stuffed animals, but then what did I have to do with it... ^ This it seems... Let you know how I get on.

Then I have some quick owls in the works:

They are a custom order, and are deadlined 23th of June, but I figured as I am seeing the recipient today, I'd just as well make sure they are done... So I will sew these up before noon and then they are off...

I do have a dilemma though: which eyes to use?

The black ones are classic on this owl.., But I feel a light color would do the owl more justice.
You will have to come back and see on Friday what I choose ;)

Also this Friday I hope to be able to show you what lovely crochet projects are hiding in here:

It contains after all, all those things you were not allowed to see and on which I worked in May.
But we depend on the postal services for that. Let's hope it has arrived at it's destination by then!

Until then you can visit Tami's Amis for more lovely projects.

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