woensdag 10 december 2014

WIPW: Winter

Hi everyone! I have several WIPs at the moment, but I picked two to show today. When I was thinking about a title for the blog, I realized they fit together quite nicely!

Winter has hit here, even if only for a day or two... But I saw (mini-)snowflakes for the first time in like 2 years! Now we're back to rain and even a nice storm...

But I try to keep the winter-spirit alive with a new pattern from Freshstitches!

This is Sally Snowflake... Or at least, she will be a snowflake once finished!
I love this pattern, because it is a bit tricky (real intermediate skill) and thus keeps requiring my attention. I had to put her on hold to create last minute Sinterklaas gifts (which you will see on a FOFriday).

My second project is a Stashbusting Blanket. As we need blankets in Winter!

For this one I tweaked up a granny-hexi-pattern by guessing it of a picture of another blanket. I love the shapes, I already dread putting it all together ;)
I am just taking balls of not-so-amazing-quality/cheap acrylic and make hexis till I run out of yarn and move on to the next ball. Fairly easy stuff here. I am thinking about attaching with silver. Sounds quite awesome to my ears... But I will first have to make lots more of these!

I hope to see you back when I have a new post up for more crochet-goodness!

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