woensdag 7 januari 2015

WIPW: Blankets

Hi everyone! How have you been? I am not too late yet too wish you a 'Happy New Year!', right?
I have had some hectic weeks, so blogging kind of slipped, but this first full week of 2015 I want to start out great.
Because I have not been quiet on the crochet-side of things, I have tons to show you...

Most of it is finished however, so I decided to dedicate this post to some crochet-resolutions and major WIPs... Literally, as I am going show you each and every blanket I have lying around as a WIP!

There are 6, plus one now finished and two yet to be started! :O Did you just faint? I nearly did when I realized it ;)

DIY-Dye Blanket
This one first, as it is a special case. This is a blanket I wish to complete from each and every yarn I will dye myself 0:)
Meaning this is a years-long proces and it will not be done any time soon... I only have 5 squares to date! But I love my idea. The size of the squares will depend on the amount of yarn dyed (1 round per 25 grams), so this blanket will be like a dye-diary once it will be constructed... But never complete of course!

Flowery Meadows
Then we have these squares... I started it as a blanket, then I thought I'd make it into a pillowcase, as the yarn isn't really blanket-y. But I am not sure yet, I like the blanket idea still, very much.

Hexi Stash-Busting Blanket
Started when I didn't fancy my other WIPs. I am using up some cheap acrylic, bought at a non-yarn, non-craft chain store, which will never be restocked... Making these small hexigons is the perfect way to use the yarn. Not looking forward too assembly too much though ;)

Now for my real blankets, shall we?

Ripple Blanket
This is an old one. I think the first blanket I ever started... But then I had to go crazy to get enough yarn to make it a blanket (forgot to take enough balls and then one of the colors was taken out of production! ). It got delayed and I started other blankets in its place. Now I have replacement yarn, but still need to restart.

Autumn Harvest
In love with this one for sure! But I never came around to finishing it. So, it still lives as a WIP.

Rosy Wavy Blanket
My most recently started blanket, because I had the yarn on hand and no WIP-blanket near me. This one is last on the list to finish, but I do enjoy it.

Spring into Summer - Keep Warm in Winter
Loved this stitch at first sight, and I just got some yarn for my birthday... I just had to put both to use!
So I started this. And I finished it! How? You will see on Friday ;)

I hoped you enjoyed my blanket recap. Almost all of these can be found in the list on the left side of my blog if you'd like more info on the project/yarn/pattern.
Keep an eye on these WIP-bars, as my goal is to finished as many of these blankets as I can in 2015.
It is going to be a blanket-y year for sure! 
Next to these I still have to get started on my sister's blanket, which she request from me and I wish to work along with the Dutch CAL Blanket of 2015 (look here or here if you'd like to participate also, remember: I said Dutch CAL).

Let's hope I can finish a blanket per month, that should keep me on track, right?
(I can tell you, I will already fail in January ;) )

Hope to see you back some time soon (like Friday?!)!

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