vrijdag 23 januari 2015

FOF: Also very colorful...

Hi everyone! This is a very colorful FOFriday. I promised you some FOs in pural, and I did finish more then one thing!

Let's start with something you had not yet seen...

I have been doing a cute pattern-test for The Nerdy Knitter.

They're cute fruits! I have been playing around a bit with 'normal' and BLO crochet... I am a BLO-girl, but that sometimes ruins the shaping (my apple did not look like an apple originally!). So I used it for the more textured fruits and in the end they all turned out great!
My mom has already requested the second bundle also (The Nerdy Knitter has published two fruit bundles and a veggie bundle). These are nice and quick projects, so you might indeed see some more in the future!

Now, this is of course what you all came back for: my little rainbow cat!

Isn't he just darling? Wait to you see him in full-color-glory!

My cat can stand! LOL...
Multi-colored yarns are always a tad scary, as you never know how the groupings will turn out... But I LOVE this yarn! The color changes are long enough to properly show, but small enough to have some proper variation in it. On smaller projects (the cat is quite big, as far as amigurumi go) it might not be ideal, as you can see with the paws of this one.

Gatito, which is made with this Spanish pattern, is a lovely cat to make! So, I will probably make more of him! ;)

For now I am hard at work with my grandmother's birthday present, I hope to be able to show you some of it next week (she doesn't know how to read my blog, so that's not ruining the surprise ;) ).
See you then!

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