woensdag 1 juli 2015

WIPW: Catch-up

Hi everyone! I am back! Can you believe I haven't blogged in like 2 months? Well, school comes first, as my mom always tells me... But my hooks haven't been a quiet as my blog!

Actually, it was yesterday that I finished off two more projects. And there are more that you haven't seen... But that is all for a Friday!

For now, I thought I'd just share some things I've started and plans for the summer!

Most importantly, I learned a new technique!

I learned Tunisian Crochet! Yes, this is my first project. Yes, it has lots of black. Yes, it has loads of color changes. And yes, it is a blanket.
If you start something new, why not start ambitious..? :P
I have already progressed quite a bit further, but forgot to take more pics. I currently have like 12 life threads, with another 8 or 9 to come before I am finished... I have actually wondered myself whether I was sure I wasn't crazy, but the colors just screamed and told me that they wanted to become this blanket. It won't see any substantial progress before September, or something, but I loved it too much not to share.

I am planning to finish another blanket this summer...

I am up to 85 cm now, but we changed the plan, and I have another 65 cm to go. Hope to finish before it is blanket-weather again.

I also hope to pick up this project:

It has been dormant since last summer, but I hope to work on it some more this summer. I have no idea what it will become. Blanket, pillow, big cushion? I will think about it, while working.

Now, on to the animals... Most are finished, and you will see them Friday.
I have a test for PatchworkMoose to finish and I hope to finish another dormant summer project:

This is my last picture, I made of Smaug in pieces. I have to recheck, but I thought I had one last round of black to do for the pentagons only... So I wish to finish my dragon this summer also.

I hope the summer won't fly past as quickly as it usually does, so I can actually achieve my ambitions ;)

Let's enjoy the summer! Happy crafting!

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