woensdag 8 juli 2015


Hi everyone! I hear you thinking... It is Wednesday today, not Friday! Well, I know.
I do tend to loose track of days in the holiday, thus Friday came and went and I forgot to post ;)
Then I decided to turn WIPWednesday into FOFriday!

I have lots of projects left to show you! But I will keep some of them for a different post.
Now on to what I do want to show you today!

I made a Jellyfish from a yarn I bought at the spur of the moment... I just fell in love. It was on the internet, but when I touched it: sooo soft!  And the colors were great for a happy Jelly!

I also made him a friend with another yarn I bought just for its prettiness!

Meet my stegosaur: Peanut... He was named for the color of his spikes.

Peanut and Jelly are big friends! ;P

Then I caught a bug-spell:

It was so much fun to make these and experiment hook and yarn sizes!

I even adjusted the pattern (the one I used for the big bees above) to make these smaller ones.
And then I once again ran it too pretty yarn:

This one is big again, look at it with his little buddy:

It is what yarn and hook can do to a pattern! :D

My last project is the test for PatchworkMoose I mentioned last post. It being a test means you will have to wait a little for the pattern will be available to you all to make.

This is Chester the Triceratops, but because of her colors, Chesterina would be more appropriate, right? ;)
I used the eyelids, that are part of this pattern, though I usually shy away from those... They give such a sad look to your creatures. From a different angle Chesterina suffers from that too, but with her timid smile she looks cute most of the time. I sewed them up as high as I could to lift her spirits!

I hoped you enjoyed a post jammed full with FOs! I have more to share, on a special project I have started. So look for that post, as I can't guarantee I can distinguish Friday from any other day ;)

And here of course the links to the projects:
Jonathan the Bumblebee, the big bees
Microcosmos, the small insects & big butterfly
Chester the Triceratops, the link to the pattern you will find here when it is made available

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