woensdag 22 juli 2015

WIPW: Minion Blanket

Hi everyone! Time for a holiday update!

It is truly mid-holiday. I have lost track of days and appointments and spent my days... Crocheting, mostly! :D

This week I have been wholly consumed by my newest blanket... It works up so quick (or probably: I spent so much time on it :P)!

I finished doing all squares I planned... Now I started on the edging. I am in doubt now, as adding a extra row (on the right) would finish the diagonal nicely and leave me with three centre (no-edge-touching) minions squares... That would be perfect to personalize into Kevin, Stuart and Bob. But it would play with the dimensions of the blanket.
Hmm... I will decide on that then I have the four vertical strips done and assembled...

Now I have to crochet on! Have a crafty holiday yourself...

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