woensdag 13 februari 2013

WIPW: Mitered Squares

Hi there! It's Wednesday again... And you are probably here to see my WIPs.

Well, I finished Flavia, so she will not be show until Friday (if you really can't wait, visit my Ravelry page).

What I will show you, is my progress on my 'Big Project' for this year. It's a free pattern for a nice baby blanket... But I make it into a cover for our hideous bright pink sitting bag.
It is now hidden away in the attic as it is, well, bright pink... And it does not fit anywhere.
Solution: make a cover for it.

Yeah, that is what I said, before I measured it... This sitting bag it 135 x 155 cm... And that is big!
Of course it not only needs a front, it also needs a back...

After some careful calculations, I have come up with a adjusted pattern, based on the Mitered Squares Baby Throw. It is lovely, but big.
My squares are 30 x 30 cm, that's 2,5 balls of yarn! Okay, I must admit... I use cotton, and it comes in quite small skeins (about 70 yards).
But still it is quite a bit of yarn, and lots of work.

By now I have finished one square, it turned out 54 rows... And I have started a second.

Yeah, I know... There's bright pink in the cover :P

But it looks good, doesn't it?
I am happy with it, anyway. And although I can go on and on about this project. Most of it will be complaining about size and amount of work... But secretly I absolutely love it and I did have the gut to go forth with this project, even after I found out how much work it was :)

So that is my only current WIP with progress. Find others at Tami's Amis!
Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. ooh those mitered squares are really pretty, I love the pink one!! Have a knitty wednesday xx

  2. I love the squares. They look great.