woensdag 6 februari 2013

WIPW: Unicorn...

I have made a big switch this week... I abandoned my lovely thick Bravo SMC yarn and picked up the yarn I originally started crocheting with: lovely, thin and shiny Catania.

Wow... That is a difference. I thought my fingers no longer bothered me because my crocheting has improved, but apparently that's not the case. Once again the skin on my fingers is rough and I can't crochet with it for hours at a time... So I concluded that these things are more related to the thickness of yarn and especially you hook size, as it changes along. Not your crochet skills...

But it IS lovely yarn and I intend to make more projects using it, it's all worth it :)

Now on to why you actually came here: so I can show you what I am working on.
I am making Flavia, the newest pattern from Stacey Trock... And it's a cutie!

I have made the legs and body so far... And she's only 11 cm (4" and a little for my American readers). She most definitely won't measure the full 12" (30+ cm, for those who like me do not really know how much that is).

That's the advantage of thin yarn: all you make immediately turns out cute and tiny :)

Not that I don't like big squishy softies... But both big and tiny have their charms :)

So, enough of my rambling yet? If you're still reading appearantly not, so jump over to Tami's Amis to see some more WIPs and please return Friday to see Flavia (and some other(s)) finished.

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