woensdag 8 mei 2013

WIPW: Pink Ollie

Hi everyone and welcome at, finally, a WIPWednesday.
It's kind of weird, the end of the school year is coming and I am busier than ever... I would like to see it the other way round....
But I did have time to crochet and have some nice things to show you!

First, at special request: a pink Ollie!

As you can see she is almost finshed... I have had some problems with the delivery of my safety eyes (I realized a little too late that making 8 Ollies requires16 eyes, and I did not have that many :S), so I still have to attach them.
And then my first girly Ollie is finished... She will be such a sweety when done.

Also, I am working on a series of owl-key chains, to give away as presents.
I have finshed one already (this is number  two), but you will have to come back on Friday to see that  one.  I hope to have finished at least two by then, maybe more...

And lastly... I have to show you something vague, literally:

I participate in the Buddy Bee Swap at the FreshStitches Ravely-forum. The idea: you (person A) will be assigned a buddy (person B). For this person you will make a FreshStitches-animal and optionally you add some nice bonuses. Until your package has been received it must stay a secret who you buddy is and what you will make that person... That explains my beautiful picture.
Of course, my buddy doesn't know who I am, and thus would never know it is for them... But you can never be to careful.

Of course, this means that my package will not be from my buddy (B), but from someone else (person C)... I have no clue who that might be! But I have faith and I am sure I will get a nice package myself :D

And that was all for today.
Friday I will have my Pink Ollie finished, so she can go to her new mother. Also I wish to show you some of my finished owls.
But, even if my Buddy Bee-project is finished, you won't see it. The rule is that you Buddy Bee (receiving, person B) should be the first to post a picture of the end result. But I promise, eventually you will see the end result :)

See you on Friday.

And in the mean time, enjoy all you can find on Tami's Amis!

5 opmerkingen:

  1. wow what wonderful projects & i love ollie, lookes great even un finished :)

  2. If your Ollie is that adorable eyeless I can't wait to see her with eyes. I bet she will be squee worthy.

  3. That elephant is amazing! I'm cracking up over how cute she is.

  4. Lovely projects! My favorite is the pink one.

    Here's my WIP: http://mibruno.com/en-proceso-87/