vrijdag 31 mei 2013

FOF: Buddy Bee

Hi everyone! Are you ready for this? Because I have a lot to show you!
I will start with what I have not been able to show you before!
Tuesday my Buddy Bee package arrived at its new owner, and this was what was in it:

Jeffrey the Dog (FreshStitches) and two cats, to be used as potholder, coaster, decoration...

In close-up:

Especially the cats were a nice surprise, they have become so much fun! And the dog is just simply cute! :P

I also finished six little owls:

Ready to fly the next ;)

And my cutest project of the week: Koe the Cow!

This is truely the cutest animal I have ever made! And it is even a 100 times cuter in real life! :)

And that is all the I have made...
But I thought I'd show you what was in the Buddy Bee package that I got!
Nikki sent me this:

The bear, now called Beary, can dress up like a cat! LOL!

And the last thing:

We had a little party yesterday on the FreshStitches-forum, because the forum excited for exactly one year. And we happen to reach a 1000 members yesterday also... What a coincidence! :)

For more FOs you can visit  Tami's Amis of course!

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  1. Wow you have been busy. The quantity of owls is impressive, I enter have a lot of patience foe diddly things.

    My favourite is the caosters! Cute!