vrijdag 3 mei 2013

FOF: Queen 'n King

Hi everyone! Just a quick FOFriday to show you what I finished this week...

Firstly I finished an Ollie and a Ollie-keychain... I did not take pictures before I sent them away. I guess you have seen enough Ollies :P

What I do want to show you is this:

I guess you have all got the news that we have a new King here in the Netherlands (If not, seriously, don't you come near a computer? :P Just kidding...)
But I guess at least half the world knows. And I spent my Tuesday in front of the TV to watch it all live. Mean while, I finished Willem-Alexander, just in time to join his mother on my mothers windowsill.

Two nice little projects...
And that's all. I spent most of my time working on Ollies. But I promise you, next week I will have more to show you, at least on Wednesday.

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2 opmerkingen:

  1. Amazing amigurumi! Are they your own pattern?

    Here's my FO: http://mibruno.com/terminado-osito/

    1. Oh, no. I forgot to mention that, didn't I? They both come from a book called 'I love crochet & Holland', it's from Christel Krukkert.
      On Ravelry you can get translated patterns.
      Thanks for faithful reactions each week, btw :)