woensdag 16 januari 2013

WIPW: Owl and Jellyfish

Hi everyone! It's WIPWednesday again, so let's see what I am working on right now.

First, I want to show you Nelson, who I have finally started.

Yeah, I know, it does not look very exciting... But, well, he's a WIP.

And I am really excited about him! He has been in my Queue on Ravelry since August 7!
Back then, I had only been crocheting for maybe three months. I thought of him as complicated and big, hence the queue.

But Nelson did spark something back then... He was my first view of Stacey Trock's patterns, he was the first big amigurumi I queued. And now, he is the first amigurumi I am making that's truly made in absurd colors...

Let's just say, Nelson is the start off where I am today in crocheting, so it is about time I started him!
We will see how he looks on Friday!
And please, let him be your introduction to Stacey Trock, or FreshStitches (on Ravelry). Or better, visit her website.

Next is a project I am also very excited about:
My Rainbow Mini Sting the Jellyfish!

Remember, from last week, this is my adapted version of Sting the Jellyfish from Stacey Trock.
So, lovely little Jellyfish are lying around my room.

These three are waiting for their eyes and stuffing, while two, maybe three more, are still in their skein of yarn fase. These cute things take about an hour-and-a-half to complete, so by Friday my rainbow should be finished.

Also, look forward to the patterns of these cuties. As I will be posting it soon, with the introduction of my new addition to this blog.

So, this was all I had to show you for this WIPW, as I crochet too quickly now-a-days and finished my other WIP yesterday already... Be back this Friday to see them all together, I hope completed!

Can't get enough of WIPs? Please visit Tami's Amis to see more of them!

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Cute jellyfishes, they will be even more cute when completed with their eyes. Looking forward to see them:)

  2. The jellyfish are cute! Can't wait to see them when their eyes open ..LOL!!

  3. Love your jellyfish - looking forward to seeing your Nelson! I love Stacey's patterns!

  4. It's so exciting to start work on a project that once seemed out of reach!I'm eager to watch Nelson materialize.

  5. Love those jellyfish - while I'm not an ami kinda of gal in that I rarely make them, I think they are adorable!