vrijdag 11 januari 2013


I almost forgot its FOFriday, or Finished Objects-Friday! Talking about a good start :S

But here we go, as I have created some lovely cuties to show you...

First I made some Jellyfish! I finished the big one already on Wednesday, so I could no longer show it to you then. But: here it is, together with its tiny brother that I was working on Wednesday.

Aren't they just adorable? I love these and see a lot more of them in the future!
BTW, the pattern for the big jellyfish is from Stacey Trock. The little one is made from my own adaption to that pattern.

Also I finished Journey, and she is now tasked with guarding my mini-marshmallows.

And a new guy to the lot: a multicolored Blue Bird (that's not so blue). This also is a pattern from Stacey Trock, from her Woodland Amigurumi Class on Craftsy.

Do you see the lovely gloss of the yarn? I love this yarn! It was gifted to my by Su (), a member of the FreshStitches-forum on Ravelry.
She had made a lovely plushie from this yarn, and offered to trade some with me!
Thank you Su!

So, that's a quick look into all I have finished this week.

Want to see more FOs? Go and visit Tami's Amis!

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