woensdag 9 januari 2013


Alright, it's Wednesday and as you will soon see that means that I will show you my WIPs or Work-In-Process. It will show you what I have been up to this week.

Because this is the first WIPW, I will also give show you other things I have lying around... So of those thing will see their finish rather quickly, while others might end up being frogged.
We will see what the year brings for those projects :)

First: my 'main' WIPs...

I am working on a miniature jellyfish, after falling in love with the Sting the Jellyfish pattern by Stacey Trock.

Besides that, I have Journey lying around: she a delightful little giraffe designed by Polkadot Squirrel.

 As for my other WIPs: they have ended up in these boxes...
Sadly, they will lay there and wait until I will have mercy and finish them.

Among the lucky ones are another giraffe called Gigi from Marike van Loo and a little owl called Nel from Stacey Trock.

These two have reasonable chances of getting finished.

My last of three Ruffle Christmas Trees (Stacey Tallman) will probably have to wait until the end of the year... I don't like working on it when I am not in the Christmas mood. It will stand a chance if it will snow at some point these next months.

And last, there are the projects that will probably never be finished...

A Pet Bed by Johanna Dzikowski I started some time last year, when I had not yet the skills I have now. I think I took too small a hook. I will probably frog this, and maybe start over.

And then there is my try at the Abstract Crochet Cats of Teresa Richardson. I have kept it in the hope of finding the will to finish it some day, but most likely: I won't...
So, that's my mega-post on my WIPs...
Now you're up-to-date... Will see you on Friday, when I will show off my FOs, or Finished Objects.

Want to see more WIPs? Pay a visit to Tami's Amis and read on...

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