maandag 14 januari 2013


MM... What's that? You might wonder... If you came here by Tami's Amis, you will probably think: Well, there's WIPW and FOF, but what in cat's name is MM?

MM is something of my own making, and it is Meow Monday! And guess? It's all about cats!
I can't promise weekly posts on this, but I am going to try... Even if it is just me sharing some too-cute-pictures ;)

I would love to show you some awesome pictures of my cat Poes, to start with... Although, you won't see her every week: I have a camera-shy cat, can you believe that?
But, I am kind of sneaky with my camera, so... Meet Poes!

 This little monster is Poes, when I just got her :)

 And this is her stepsister Muffin (who's my sister's cat, they are the same age!)

 Poes her favorite hobbies: being lazy, being cute...

 With a lot of mischief in between... 

We all love catching fish!

So, for this Meow Monday, you got to meet Poes! Please, be back for WIPW in a few days :)

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