vrijdag 7 februari 2014

FOF: Owls

Hi everyone! This post won't be really impressive as I have more apologies to give then FOs to show...
I am really, really busy and don't get to finish as much crochet as I would like.
Also posting slips out of my mind... I did not translate Sunday's post to Dutch, no WIPW... But you won't take that against me right? I do have a post today, after all!

I just have one project to show you and it isn't even really finished yet... Still you deserve to see something cute! ;)

One owl... And his mommy... And a whole bunch... And there are more coming! :D
All the little owls have a rattle, squeak or something like that... (Ring and crisp were the translations Google gave me for the other sounds... And I know that is not right!)
For more to go and then they will be assembled in some sort of way to make a nice baby-gift! :)

Hopefully I will have a more productive and less frustrating week next week (crochet-wise) and lots to show you! :)
See you then!

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