woensdag 19 februari 2014

WIPW: Ravellenics 2

Hi everyone! The Ravellenics are still in full swing... So let's see what I got done past week, right?

Not many pictures to show you, just one that says it all:

So... These are all of my pony parts... It is for three ponies, as the fourth did not yet have it's eyes and thus no head and no beginning... I also have some spare legs finished for the missing pony and the Spyros. But I will now first focus on finishing these three... I think I can do it before Saturday! :D
I need to assemble the wings and crochet the mane and tails, then assemble it all.
Lots of sport the the television these coming days, so I will be back on Friday to show you some results (I hope ;p ).

Tami's Amis will deliver more WIPs, if you haven't had enough yet!

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