vrijdag 14 februari 2014

FOF: Ravellenics 1

Hi everyone! Welcome to the first FOFriday post of the Ravellenics! Like I promised I have quite some projects finished and ready to show you!

First are two projects I started before the Ravellenics and that really needed to be finished before I could allow myself to move on to the Ravellenics... But then I realized: there is a WIP-event at the Ravellenics, which allows you to show off finished WIPs, started before the Ravellenics started.

My first FO is this one:

Meet Iva Polar Bear! You haven't seen her before, have you? I never got around to taking WIP-photos...
But now she is finished and awaiting the medal for crossing the finish line on WIP Dancing...
I love her! But I will be giving her away to my grandmother, who is celebrating her 75th birthday this Sunday and tipped me off on the pattern... I will be making one for myself later though! She is so huggably huge! :)
 The pattern comes from a Dutch magazine, HobbyHandig, and I haven't found it online... Sorry!

Then my second FO, all of those little owls!
I have technically finished the crocheting-work done on them, so they are also awaiting their medal.
Yet, of course, this has to be assembled into something... And that is what I will be doing shortly. I will show of the final end result next week.
The pattern for these cuties can be found through this link.

Then my third project... Which is also a new one you haven't see before!
For the Ravellenics you can also participate as member of a team... And of course I am a member of the Freshstitches Team!
^ This is my little team-badge, that I customised to show off some lovely colors... And I would be a bad member of the team, if I didn't make at least one FreshStitches sweetie right?
So I made this one:

 Isn't she lovely? A little Nelson-ette ;) And perfectly fitted to my badge :D I just love her...
The Nelson pattern can be found here.

I hope to see you back next week, as my Sunday will be filled with birthday celebrations of my grandmother, I probably won't be able to write a SBS-post. But next week I am back and we move on the the Ravellenics!

At Tami's Amis you will find more links to FOFriday-post and probably more Ravellenics-posts are to be found there! :)

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