woensdag 26 februari 2014

WIPW: on and on and on...

Hi everyone! Miss me last week? I have been crocheting on and on and on... And yet, I have not yet come anywhere.... Blogging slipped in and almost did again today... But I decided I could spare a minute (times two, as I do my own translation... Don't like Google Translate) for a quick few into my WIPs.

I did not get my ponies finished :o
Well, alright, I don't really mind, there are three nearly finished and I am taking this week and the next to get all else finished (I hope!).

So... It's not too bad and you can see how it will all work out... Now I just have to get on with the 'it will all work out'-part ;)

Don't know if I will be back on Friday, but I will be on February, as I need to recap my Stash Busting of this month ^ as you can see above, I have gotten some of that done!

Tami's Amis is already filled with links to more...

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