vrijdag 21 maart 2014

FOF: Dinos!

Hi everyone! I finally have ponies finished and ready to show you... And another project, which I think is really cute! :)

Let's start with the ponies, shall we? I had one finished already last week, but now I have two to show you at once:

The last pictures aren't too great, but I was not able to take a reasonable picture yet ;)
Now I only have two Spyros to finish off... I hope to do one a day, so on Sunday I should be completely finished.

I also finished a birthday present companion for my little nephews. They adore dinosaurs (their house has turned into a giant dinosaur world) and my cousin asked my sister to make them a dinosaur cake...
Well, I could stay behind right? So I made some dinosaurs to go along the cakes :)

They turned out so great! They might be bigger then you expect, about 10 cm. I made them with really thick yarn and a 6mm hook. The patterns come from a ebook by Cute and Kaboodle designer, Justyna Kacprzak.

So, now I am going to continue stitching up some Spyros.
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